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high def UNDEF logoНазвание проекта: К инклюзивной демократии: вовлечение ЛГБТ и других маргинализированных групп в построении демократического общества в Кыргызской Республике”.

 Продолжительность проекта24 месяца

Краткое описание проекта: Проект направлен на создание антидискриминационного законодательства (АДЗ) для защиты маргинализированных групп и для обеспечения равного участия в построении демократического общества. Процесс создания АДЗ будет сопровождаться серией адвокационных и информационных мероприятий для повышения осведомленности и поддержки как среди политиков, так и среди общественности. Проект также нацелен на укрепление знаний и улучшение объективного освещения СМИ, как важного фактора в формировании мнения народа и поощрения недискриминации.

Project Title: Towards Inclusive Democracy: involving LGBT persons and other marginalized groups in building a democratic society in Kyrgyzstan.

 Duration:  24 months

 The project aims to develop an anti-discrimination law (ADL) to protect LGBT persons and other marginalized groups and to ensure their equal participation in building a democratic society. The drafting process of the ADL will be followed by a number of advocacy and information activities to raise the awareness and support among policy-makers as well as among the public. The project also aims at strengthening the knowledge and to improve the objective reporting of media as an important actor in forming the opinion of the people and promoting non-discrimination.

 Project summary: Weak rule of law is one of the main problems in building a democratic society in Kyrgyzstan. Poor legislation in Kyrgyzstan that does not protect the LGBT persons and other marginalized groups (disabled persons, ethnic minorities, HIV/AIDS positive individuals, sex workers, etc.) from violence, discrimination and stigmatization, thus discouraging them from openly participating in the country’s decision-making processes. Limited knowledge and lack of objective information about the LGBT persons further marginalizes them creating intolerance and increasing homophobia, as a result the society in general and particularly politicians, governmental officials and agencies tend to avoid the issue leaving the LGBT persons and other marginalized groups vulnerable to systematic human rights violations.

In order to address these challenges the proposed project will contribute to building an inclusive democracy in Kyrgyzstan via ensuring the protection of human rights of LGBT persons and other marginalized groups. This will be achieved through developing and advocating for an anti-discrimination law (ADL), particularly to eliminate discrimination against LGBT persons and other marginalized groups. Dialogues will be carried out between relevant civil sector actors and governmental decision makers. A study visit for key governmental decision makers will be organized to expose them to best practices of other countries in adopting ADLs. Activities will be organized to sensitize mass media towards the issues of LGBT persons and other interested groups. Political parties will be invited to dialogues in order to train and to encourage them about including LGBT issues into their political agenda. Series of events will be carried out for LGBT persons and other marginalized groups to sensitize them on their human and political rights.

The project is divided into three components each responding to accomplishing one outcome. To efficiently implement each activity and succeed to moving closer to the objective and overall development goal, the project will work closely together with other LGBT organizations and marginalized groups. Due to the existing stigmatization about LGBT issues in Kyrgyzstan, other marginalized groups will lead the public aspect of the project. A Steering Committee will be formed which will meet quarterly to ensure timely implementation of the project and its conformity to the Results Framework and the Action Plan.

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